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If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!

Music Video: Can I Stay - Stephanie Hatfield & Hot Mess
No longer content to read words and look at pictures on the internet, users want to sit back and watch video! We are currently in the midst of what is commonly referred to as "the YouTube Generation." While we don't necessarily agree that YouTube is the always the best way to delver your video content (see Video Presentation Options below) we do know that video is a lot more entertaining and almost always more effective at getting your point across than the written word. We can do everything from scripting, casting and shooting your video to editing, putting it on your site, designing a customized YouTube channel and promoting it.

Integration Into Existing Website

Perhaps you've already got a Website but need help with a re-design, integrating video, or just uploading video to a server. We can make it happen. We can do it all or we can work with your current Web designer or IT department to assure your video is delivered from your site as smoothly as possible without disrupting your current infrastructure or design.

Video Presentation Options

Putting video on a Website is more than just uploading it to a server (or YouTube) and creating a link to it. There are a myriad of options and formats to choose from in terms of how the video is presented to the end user, including Windows Media Video (.wmv), Quicktime (.mov) and Flash Video (.flv). One of the reasons so many people just upload their video to YouTube then link to or embed it is because YouTube has made it easy for the layman to do so. One doesn't have to worry about formatting, compression or video codecs. As our client you wont have to either, because that's our job.

It's always wise to have multiple access points to your information as well as multiple locations and formats for your files in order to reach as many users as possible. Have you ever tried to watch a video on YouTube, or an embedded YouTube video on another site only to have the little circular "loading" animation play endlessly instead of the video you intended to watch? That's why we suggest hosting your video from YOUR site AS WELL AS on YouTube or Vimeo or both - remember "multiple access point."

We'll work with you to determine the best way to deliver video to your end user from YOUR Website in addition to uploading it to YouTube and even creating a Branded YouTube Channel if you'd like (see Branded YouTube Channel below). While you can click any of the video links on this site to see how we prefer to present video content (see our Portfolio section), below are just a few other ways we have presented video from a client's Website. All of the examples below allow the user to view the video in full-screen mode - just click the little box icon in the lower right corner of the player when it pops up:

Design Services

Playlist Video Player
This example is based on the popular "YouTube" playlist format, which will be immediately recognizable to most of your audience. It's a very familiar, easy-to-use presentation format and quite useful for 2 to 10 videos.
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Design Services

Overlay Video Player
This example expands to player into the middle of the screen and creates a darkened mask over the background to provide your audience with a more focused viewing experince. This is a great way to present any number of videos on a particular page.
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Design Services

In-line, Expandable Video Player
This example expands the player "in place" on the page, re-wrapping the text as neccessary. A novel approach, best for just a handful of videos on a page.
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flash integration

Integrated Flash Media & Video Player
This example is a very nice way to present video inside a flash media file where there is other interactivity present.
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Branded YouTube Channel


We can create a customized YouTube channel for you complete with your company logo and colors to deliver a unique branded experience to your end-users. A branded YouTube channel has a more professional look, helps you stand out in an overcrowded category and unifies your promotional and marketing campaigns. We'll examine your current marketing materials and website and make your channel look like it's part of your company's big picture.