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Need to update frequently? We can make it simple.

imageFor sites that need frequent updating or clients who want to manage their content themselves, we can build a CMS that makes the job quick, easy and search-engine friendly. With a CMS there is no special software other than a web browser and no special skills needed other than those required for any standard word-processing application. Can you use Microsoft Word®? Then you can run your own website. Your website can be updated and managed from anywhere in the world where you have access to a web browser, on any machine.

Don't want the resposibility of running your own site? Then we can do it for you, and having a CMS installed means we can do it in less time and save you more money. A CMS-based site can actually be cheaper than a standard multi-page site depending on the type and amount of content to be deployed. We'll discuss your needs with you and make recommendations as to which kind of site will work best for your project.

Disclaimer: A large number of the sites that we have designed, and which are included in our portfolio, are customer-managed CMS sites. As a result, we cannot control the look or the content of the site once it is out of our hands. This is why, in our portfolio, we do not have direct links to the sites we have built and have chosen only to include screenshots of what they looked like when we launched them.